Attract Women – Using The Disqualifier (And Other Sonic Seduction Techniques)

You probably know a woman who has a sweet personality, nice body and a gorgeous face, yet only dates average-looking men. How can you get this woman to like you instead? You’re already well equipped with a barrage of cutting-edge seduction techniques courtesy of the SonicSeduction program, but you want to know how to handle the “power” and use it to attract women quickly.

First, understand this. Although men mainly get attracted to the opposite sex because of their physical beauty, women mainly get attracted to men because of their charming personality. To women, the perfect man would be an alpha male – a man with a ton of self-confidence and a take-control attitude in life. Like your the archetype Sonic Seducer as preached by Derek Rake. :)

But here’s the kicker. Even the most confident of us need a “booster” technique that we can use anytime we see a beautiful woman we want to approach and attract. Without further ado… here’s the Disqualification technique off the SonicSeduction bible which works wonderfully well during the start of any approach. Read on…

The “Disqualification” Technique

Attracting a woman is quite easy if you know all the SonicSeduction techniques at the back of your palm
Attracting a woman is quite easy if you know all the SonicSeduction techniques at the back of your palm

Some of the best attitudes to portray to get the woman of your dreams to pay attention to you would be nonchalance and non-attachment to how she feels. If she seems to like you, then that’s great.

Ironically, this simply means that you have to make a woman feel like she has to earn you if you want to get her to like you (in SonicSeduction terms, it means that she’ll need to qualify herself). In other words, you have to make her believe that you are a man of high value.

One of the best ways to do this is to avoid looking (and feeling) needy. In fact, pretend like you don’t care at all if she likes you or not (yes, pretend if you must).

However, if she doesn’t, don’t beat yourself up over it. There are a lot of other women out there worth your time – remember that. As a Sonic Seducer, you’ll be spoiled for choice. :) If you’re a master of using the fractionation technique (click here for a free video) then you’ll know deep down inside that you’ll be able to attract any woman any time, so there’s no need for desperation.

Being The Challenge

When you “disqualify” a woman, you cannot show a woman that you feel challenged by her. On the contrary, you should be the one challenging her.

You see, aside from making yourself look valuable in her eyes, you can also build up your social network to eliminate neediness altogether. Since women are generally easy to become friends with, try to become friends with more women from now on.

Don’t stop there. Approach more women – it’s all a number’s game. If you need help on mastering the art of asking a girl out, read this article. Alternatively, understand that approaching women tends to come across as a little more challenging than it should – be sure to read our guide on approaching women (click here).

Also, with SonicSeduction, you can date more women, and you should. Do not just focus on a single woman right now. The last thing that you would want is to obsess over a woman whom you deem to be irreplaceable. If you date several women at once, you won’t become needy or clingy in any way. Remember that having multiple relationships is not necessarily bad. If you need further convincing, read this article published in the Toronto Sun.

Social Proof – The SonicSeduction Way

Whenever women see other women fawning over a man, they instantly feel the need to do the same.

In the world of psychology, this is called “social proof“, and tends to be very powerful in women. If you have ever noticed several women drooling over a single man at a bar, then that would be social proof happening in real life. This Wikipedia article outlines the technicalities of what social proof is, but remember that it’s a potent seduction tool, and if you use it in conjunction with a technique such as fractionation then you can expect explosive results right from the bat.

Now, there is nothing wrong with finding a woman gorgeous and feeling something for her. The secret simply lies in reminding yourself that there are a ton of other women out there, as well, who are just as gorgeous as the woman that you like, if not even more so.


With the mastery of the fractionation tactic, you will soon understand why women are wired to respond to subliminal seduction techniques

If you begin to believe that a woman is unique, this will give her power over you.

Once she notices that she has the power in the relationship, she will lose interest in you in no time. So, feel free to find a woman amazing – just keep in mind that other women are amazing, too. Also, don’t forget to place yourself on a pedestal, make her see that you are worth the trouble, and date other women while you’re at it.

And to help you do all that, you can get started with just the fractionation technique as outlined at (click this).

With the knowledge that you’re going to acquire you’ll be getting the power of attracting any woman into your arms so easily that you’ll laugh. Take my word for it. :)

A Final Word of Warning

Finally, we will need to warn you against using this knowledge to make women “addicted” to you – remember that karma is a bitch, and you should always leave them better than when you found them. Subliminal seduction techniques such as fractionation is morally neutral, and it’s up to you to use it for good OR bad.

All in all, only use this knowledge if you are not out there to harm women!

Also, our lawyers have advised us to insert this disclaimer at the end of this article:- you are responsible for all the actions that you take resulting from the knowledge that you have gained from this website.

But if you will agree NOT to misuse this knowledge, then click on this link below for a simple demonstration on how to use fractionation to seduce women:-


Watch Video On Fractionation

Watch it, and you’ll have unlimited success with women. Good luck! :)


  1. Deborah says

    Playing games and any women worth dating will spot you like a vulture to decaying flesh and she’ll either play you or not be bothered.

    You want to attract a woman, be genuine. That is all

  2. hossein says

    we, men, know something about women’ world. but as much as i know ,every person has his / her own key.everyone is unique. to be attracted for a woman, we should fullfill or satisfy what that person need.

  3. Mark says

    Can you share more about confidence and mustering it up before a date? Are there specific techniques that guys can use to boost their confidence? Does your sonic seduction system offer these techniques?

    From everything I’ve gone through and learned along the way, I tend to agree with you that confidence is one of the biggest attractors for women. But how does one become confident if your upbringing didn’t bless you with it naturally? I know there is the whole ‘fake it til you make it’ gig but that seems useless in practice. Guys want genuine confidence and women can pick up the fake stuff instantly.

    The only way I know how is to look inwards and explore all those deep-seated fears of being alone that so many guys have. Until you’re able to enter into a date or relationship and genuinely not NEED that person to make your life better, or to make you happy, you won’t be confident. It seems to be our fears of rejection and being alone that really come across as a lack of confidence. Once we know we can thrive on our own two feet, the rules of the dating game change in our favor. That is, the real magic of dating can only be unlocked when you can date knowing in your heart that you genuinely do not need the person you’re with to make you happy, but rather they’re a bonus to an already wonderfully happy life.

    What do you think? Any other suggestions to help guys cultivate confidence?


  4. Lola says

    Men – don’t believe these myths. I’m a woman and I know these don’t work at all.

    If you want to attract a woman, just be yourself. Don’t play her. If you catch a girl by being a player you’ll have to be a player the rest of your life playing to keep her. Us women are not aliens from another planet. We get frustrated and sad just like you guys. The best way to attract a woman is by using your instinct and intuition.

    Don’t forget to BE YOURSELF.

  5. sameer says

    I love a girl and she also loves me… but she has a boyfriend, and they have committed to each other to marry.

    I know nothing is impossible. i am ready to do everything. Tell me what to do.

    • Carlos Segundo says

      Here’s what you need to do: nut up, and disillusionate yourself. She’s engaged for Christ’s sake! If she “loved you and you loved her” then she’d be your fiance, not his! Grow a pair you little bitch! It’s people like you that give men a bad name! Trying to steal another man’s soon-to-be bride! I dub thee pond scum!

  6. says

    Being a hopeless romantic I have studied women all over the world. And found out alot of them aren’t into down to earth men with they’re feet planted on solid ground. They rather be with someone that will treat them like s*** then be with a man that only wants to make sure they feel safe, secure, happy, protected, loved, wanted. I have honor, respect, dignity, integrity, values, morals, character. But to them it not enough. I have been told that I don’t have the right job, car, residence, clothes, money they’re looking for. It has come to a point in life that a good man in no longer what women want in a world that’s full of superficial, materialistic, sarcastic, immature, people. If what I said is wrong, I will be the first to apologize.

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