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Hello, Mark here, and I am the administrator of this website. I have initially set this website up to collate my own experiences using the techniques I learned from Derek Rake’s Sonic Seduction program which I joined back in 2010. I later found that there is an existing community of over 12,000 students of Sonic Seduction, and I thought it would be a waste if we do not get together and share experiences from the program – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Note that this website is NOT sanctioned by Derek Rake or the Sonic Seduction company. I also do not claim to represent Derek Rake, and the case studies posted here are by third parties who may or may not know Derek Rake personally.

If you are a client of Derek Rake and you use Sonic Seduction to improve your dating life, then you are more than welcome to submit your own case studies to this website. Note that it is entirely up to my discretion to publish your case study. Thank you for understanding.

Question Of The Week

Edward L. emailed this short question over the weekend:

“Mark – I think I am in love with a foreign woman. I can’t help but to think of her all the time. What can I do?”

OK, Eddie, so here’s the deal.

You met her on her vacation. Or while you’re vacationing off the Pacific coast. Or you met online. Or she has just recently migrated from Timbuktu or wherever. And you’re in love. You are so madly in love with this girl and you’ve never felt this happy since getting your first Nintendo.

And she’s a foreign girl.

She has an accent that you can hardly place but makes your heart melt every single time. Her face is something you don’t always see in your country; she’s beyond beautiful. She laughs at things you don’t find funny, and she says something to herself before eating. She nothing close to all the girls you’ve met around you.

Yes, she’s different. And so your approaches towards her should be different as well. Here are some tips (lifted from the core Sonic Seduction program) to make life easier and happier for you while dating a foreign girl:

  • Respect. I couldn’t quite place so much emphasis on the R word. Her culture is different from yours, they have practices that you can hardly understand or find logical. Her dialect may sound a bit funny to you. But guess what: that’s who she is. Unless her eating habits included barfing the food and feeding it to you, or slaughtering a person for Thanksgiving, chances are they are highly harmless to you or to your community. If you can’t like it, or do it, the least you can do is respect it. Live and let live.
  • Adjust. You don’t have to do as she does for the most part, but you can always try to adjust to what she is used to just so you can accommodate her. So she doesn’t eat pork? Then don’t cook pork by all means! And skip your bacon until after she’s done eating. She can’t stand having people walk around in shoes inside the house? Wear the slippers that she bought you. As long as they do not create conflicts with your own set of beliefs, adjusting for her won’t hurt you.
  • Research and discover. It will earn you a lot of points if you give her leis on her native country’s flower festival. Or discover a popular folk song from her country. Or give her some memento that reminds her of her country. Research and discover the good stuff about her country and she will appreciate you for it.
  • Be ready for some separation. Especially if you have met online or in the midst of a holiday vacation, you’ll likely have to live apart for some time and be long distance lovers. If you’re not up for nights spent on Skype, or anniversaries celebrated with 6-hour time gaps, then I’m telling you quit before you’re in too deep. Asking her to be your girlfriend at this point would be a no-no.
  • Disqualify her. Use the patented Sonic Seduction disqualification technique. Click here for more information.
  • Be ready for cultural and language gaps. There just are some things that are culture-exclusive. Her jokes, puns, stories or idioms may not find exact and perfect translation in your shared language. The context might get lost in translation and that could be frustrating at some point. You would have to extend your patience to greater lengths for these situations.

And of course, I am assuming that you already have some success asking her out. If not, read this guide.

Hope that helps, Ed. :)

Got a burning question about your dating life? Email us at qotw@sonicseduction.net.


  1. Elisha says

    Anytime that I am around her, I feel speechless. I get along with other girls quite well. But with this very girl, it is different. Plz help me out.

  2. Arnie says

    I am just about to buy SonicSeduction, but I need to tell you my situation:

    I am an Asian guy (34 yrs, very fair, 168 cms, lean built) I liked a colleague (girl: 33 yrs, very fair, 166 cms, average built) nearly 4 years ago and still like her. We have been working together for all this time. There was attraction from her side as well initially. She used to get goosebumps and excited when I used to go near her or touch her. But she did not convey the same (she is an Indian girl) and I was aggressive in my passion.

    As per her, she is attracted to cute guys or very successful guys, and I am none. She thinks I am normal looking and I am very lusty (she said that indirectly). Over a period of 4 years, she has put me in a weird zone (probably friend zone), she wants my presence when she needs it, but she does not get attracted to me at all. Now she rolls between detesting my presence, detesting the way I look at her, she tries to cover every inch of her body when I am around (but with others she flirts or jokes around), sometimes very happy with me, sometimes she is very angry and distant, sometimes she thinks I am childish and jealous but other times she wants my company, she thinks I am awesome as far as work is concerned and sometimes empathizes with me, sometimes she is flirty (but stops when I flirt back), sometimes she wants my attention and wants me to be in good humour. Sometimes she fights with me for silly reasons and the I have to control and pacify her. She knows I still love her like hell, impatient about it and do not want to be in the friend zone, but she is not letting me conquer her defenses at all. She thinks I am not a success (profession wise)And with each passing day, her distaste for me and keeping me in the weird zone philosophy is becoming more and more stronger. She is making a very conscious efforts towards not letting me into her passionate world. She behaves extra-mature with me. Even her trust dwindles: one time she trusts me completely (with secrets etc), other times

    Now about me:

    Before her:
    I never had a girlfriend but was not sorry about it. Had a good life, good education, good at sports. Lots of friends and traveled a lot. Enjoyed my life. Very confident and go to guy at work

    After her:
    She had occupied my senses it seems. I had behaved immaturely, childishly, impatiently and vulnerably. I have lost credibility at work (not entirely due to her) which I have partially regained. My desire for her is only increasing everyday.

    I want to try one time before I loose hope on her or settle down with the fact that I will never get her. Will your SonicSeduction technique help me? I know there is no success formula, but I do believe that if somethings are tried differently, they will work. I want her to get excited about me at sub-conscious and conscious levels. It is like I want to renew my relationship. I want her to think of me in a more romantic and sexual way.

    • Dale says

      Stop being needy. Ignore her completely and seek out other women. You sound desperate and obsessed there’s nothing worse to a woman. Once you cut your attention off from her, she will begin to crave control over you again, and the key is to never let her have it.

      Persinal experience:
      I have a woman that I love, that I’ve had a 5 year relationship with. She left me, and it wasn’t until I started moving on that she wanted me back. Then I became obsessed with keeping her and put away my relationships with the other women I was seeing, which ended up being the worst decision I could have ever made. She leaves me hanging for days at a time and spends her time with other men, leaving me very jealous and lonely. My solution? Drop the “oneitis” and start seeing as many girls as I can. Now, she’s just another girl and when I do go around her, our interactions are primarily sexual and I leave her missing me, and thinking about why I am not contacting HER for the following few days.

      If you’re not in the driver’s seat, then you’re being taken for a ride.

    • Lancelot says

      Atul, if you like this gal, and she has placed you in the friend zone, brother zone, or, things have cooled off between you two, I’m not a dating coach, and, this is what I would do to stoke her fire back up…
      Start seeing other girls, not for any other purpose other than getting out there, make you sure have loads of fun with them, get pictures of them with their arms around you, keep them on your phone, and upload those pics to FB, and when anyone asked what you got up to last weekend…you simply show them the pics, and with a humble remark, or smirk, you say that you had a fantastic weekend. People’s minds will start creating stories that you’re a stud, and, the man to get with. Women who have been cold, or non receptive to you will start showing up more. There’s so much to talk about here about how you’ve been being. I’d love to share my contact info with you, the reality is, there’s plenty of free pua material out there, get what you can for free, then, when you’re ready to start purchasing material like Derek Rake’s, then, by all means, go for it. Careful though, the shit becomes addictive.

  3. Have faith says

    I have a question. How can I use Sonic Seduction to get my ex girlfriend back? From what I read from your post, those girls are mostly those newly met on the street.

  4. Jimmy says

    Hi Mark,

    I only found this Sonic Seduction today. From a video I saw, it looks like Derek Rake is a master of NLP and hypnosis based techniques. How different is Sonic Seduction compared to other dating products?

  5. Monty Chambliss says

    How do you make sure you don’t send mixed messages to girls? I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

    What are the exact things that happen to a girl’s emotions if I use fractionation for ‘bad’ reasons?

  6. morten says

    Hi Ed,

    I would like say that you site is absolutely great filled with good tips, but wondering if you are still running the site?

  7. Ari says

    I’ve read your blog and I must say you’re one of the rare sites that teaches me advanced stuff on dating and seduction.

    So here’s the deal – I used to be a ladies man, and I had like 6 girlfriends at a time. Then this girl came into my life. She has a unique way of thinking, I kinda fell in love with her.

    I have tried every method but she won’t budge. She has a little crush on me but won’t admit it. What do I do?

  8. da long says

    I like this girl but I’m not sure what to do. We talk a lot but I have never gotten her phone number. She seems to want me to follow her though. What should i do?

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